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ok, car is due mot next week and i need to get the lamda sensor sorted as thats thrown a light on the dash. took down to VW and they have putit on the reader and given my the part number etc.

Also need the following.... control arm/wishbone bush.

VW wanted £59.00 each.

I can get the following on eurocar parts but why the difference in price between these two.




also ive been thinking about going powerflex but its probably right in front of my eyes but cant see it on the website...


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Get powerflex bushes pal & you won't have to ever worry about them wearing out again...............think they do a set for the front & rear, got mine via Awesome years ago & never had an MOT advisory..............

Also a great handling mod

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Daz, i'm tempted to get powerflex bushes a friend has a set for sale, how much stiffer does it make the ride?
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