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Need some advice on previous owners, HPI vehicle check

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I have found advice I have read on here that other members have asked for really helpful. I was hoping someone could help me out and explain how exactly previous owners are counted on a vehicle history.

Have come across an interesting R32, so thought I would run a HPI check on it through AutoTrader. There weren't any issues, apart from the registration plate I entered was a private plate and the checker said to get the complete VIN.

Also the number of previous owners, 10, seemed very high to me. The check came back with the following previous owner dates.


The dates in 2011 look really suspicious to me, why would the car change hand so many times? Could it be if someone part-exed it at a dealership, than then flogged it on to another dealership, that then sold it on?

Interested to know what everyone thinks? Usually I wouldn't be interested in a car which has changed hands so often but because of the speciality of the R32 it's got me reconsidering everything.

Thanks in advance.
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Yeah as Bob said. Cars like the R32 drink more fuel than people expect and aren't as fast as people expect either, so they can change hands frequently. M3s are the same. Once people get wind of the inspection 2 cost, parts prices and fuel consumption, they sell it on.
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