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Neuspeed Power Pulley Kit R32

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Seen this on the Awesum site. Just wondering if anyones got one fiited? ? ?

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Basically they are bad as different material even of the same size would mean different harmonics, different amount of flex in the material. I'm guessing possible lack of appropriate dampers which if I understand it correctly will affect the critical speeds for the harmonic torque which could potentially be very bad in the long run (or I guess even the short run but dunno how short) for your engine.
So essentially Pomme and I would not recommend them :)
:five: Cheers lads, uve just saved me £175 lol.
I think decked has them fitted, Maybe he'll shout and gives his opinion?
Well pomme if i ever see you out and about i think i may owe you a drink :cheers: :)
not worth it
you will lose low down torque but will gain at high end
also, if you fit a charger, the stocks are much better than the uprated ones
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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