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New Chick Owner from Sydney

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Hi all. I'm the proud new owner of an R32, and was happy to find a site dedicated to owners of this wonderful machine.

It may seem unusual for a female, but I rode sports bikes for about 10 years, and after giving them up (for life in the burbs, white picket fence etc) I thought I'd never experience that same enjoyment on the roads again. But I was wrong! The same week after test driving an R32, I'd put a deposit one one. I have it now, and it's magic.

I will post photos of my new baby in the photos section.

See you round...

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In they flock from all around the world!

Welcome to R32OC, we'll look forward to those pictures :D:151:
Welcome , Looking forward to the photos.
Welcome welcome :ciao:

Glad to see the car has the same affect on women and men :D
hello!! :itsme: i bet the weather is super nice there isn't it! it's pouring down here and i haven't managed to clean mine for ages. Photies please!
hello slinky, welcome to r32oc, great to hear from an owner from australia! glad your enjoying your r.:151:
welcome :ciao: nice to see another female :top:
Thanks for the warm welcome :)

I've posted some photos, although after seeing the awesome photos of other members' rides, I need to improve my camera work!

Lola - yes it's really hot and dry here atm, although at this time of year we also suddenly get bouts of muggy rain. So just when we've had a week of 30C+ degrees, and think it's safe to wash the car, naturally it'll rain the next day :frown:

And we all know how nice our rims look, but mine seem to get caked with grime after every drive. Got myself some Meguiars foam cleaner yesterday on the advice I've read in this forum, so hopefully that'll make the job of cleaning all those spokes a bit easier.
welcome to the site. nice to see so many people from around the world on here
Konnichiwa from Tokyo.


Welcome aboard. :ciao:
Hello and Welcome to the site! :)

I've got a mate working the cruise ships around Sydney at the moment, he keeps winding me up about the great weather your having, lol!

When you say sports bikes, is that MotoX style bikes or GSX-R's and the like?

Hope you enjoy your .:R, I'm sure you will!

In a bit,
welcome to the forum! More ladies the better :p
Welcome slinky, you are in the right place for hints and tips!
Wow thanks for all the world-wide shoutouts :)

BlackpoolR32, the bikes were ZX6Rs (x3), a CBR, and a Duc 748. I still ride a little ttr230 on the dirt at our holiday shack just for fun.
Some Cool Bikes! Alot of my mates are into them in a big way so I get dragged along to alot of meets, Yammy R6's, Bandits and Honda Hornet's mainly. I'm not a massive bike person myself but I'd love an MV F4... I can but dream! :D
Are you called slinky coz you go down stairs funny?
Tokyo Dub said:
Are you called slinky coz you go down stairs funny?
lol :D maybe this is her:

hello and welcome to the site do you know much about the holden monaro`s are they popular out there as my old man has one but he is starting to the the R haha:dancing2:
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