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New Focus RS with 300bhp and 4wd

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Would appear that Ford really do want to challenge R32 drivers with another option... a 300bhp Focus RS with 4wd

Autoexpress Spyshots

Autoexpress News

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The closest that thing will come style wise or Kudos to the R32 will be the colour of the brake calipers ;)

"Focus RS, a true competitor to the upcoming EVO X."
ERM!!!! I don't think so!.Maybe if your name is Kevin you have a girlfriend called Shazza and live and breathe Lakeside Thurrock carparks for your meets....the EVO looks awesome and will pee all over the focus on handling etc
have to admit it would be very tempting depending performance and looks.
i thought they were about to facelift the focus though? ive seen the new shape, so why would they launch it in a 2007 shape in 2 years time?

i wont ford bash, the old rs (although not my thing) is actually a very good car, just lets itself down on torque steer and understeer. so this incarnation should be pretty tasty...not tasty enough to get me out my golf tho

heres the new shape about to get to us, its in ST form:

see what i mean, why launch it in its old guise
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Wasn't the last RS supposed to be 300BHP and 4WD and when they released it, but ended up being FWD and whatever the power output of them was.

Be good to see if they do release it mind and then obviously what the rest of the car world releases.

Wasn't Audi supposed to be making an RS3?? With a Turbo'd R32 V6 or something.
does anyone not think the door back looks like a Seat Leon Cupra R.....last shape.....
vealige said:
Wasn't Audi supposed to be making an RS3?? With a Turbo'd R32 V6 or something.
Autoexpress has what they is a spyshot of an Audi RS3, hidden beneath a racecar bodywork. The magazine seems certain that the Audi RS3 will be produced, but this particular rumour has been circulating for so long that we wouldn't hold our breath waiting for an RS3 ...

The spyshot seems to imply a much wider track than a standard A3, with bulging wheel-arches to accomodate tyres big enough to cope with an RS-spec engine, over which nothing is known. It might be a tuned-up version of the 250 hp 3.2 V6 of the standard A3, or it might be some kind of derivative of the V8 of the Audi RS4.

The Audi S3 is a certainty and it is expected shortly, probably with a 240 hp version of the 2.0 Turbo-FSI engine of the Golf GTI. Prices: about 45.000 € for the S3, almost 60.000 € for the RS3.

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Hubba hubba!......
I have seen a few S3's around.....not that hot at all to be honest.....but that RS3 could be v nice!
Audi used to have a policy of making only one RS variant at any time, with RS6 becoming before and after the recent RS4. There was a news story recently (on top gear i think, i'll have a look later to see if i can find it) with confirmation that Audi would make more than one at a time in the future. The RS3 has been rumoured for a while a would probably be pretty sweet, although not quite as impressive as the RS version of the R8 apparently coming soon - which I think is supposed to be on top of the V10 version with the Lambo Gallardo engine....

That "RS3" pic was proven to be lies. Can't remember where I read it though. Auto Express up to their usual tricks. I really hope they decide to make it in the future though. Problem is that Audi only have one RS model in production at any one time.
RS3 if it ever did come to be would be a serious 'Hyper-Hatch', but as stated above it's been a rumour for years, infact even before I got my Golf so must be over 3years! Latest I've read on the net was that they were thinking of using a SuperTurbocharged 2.0FSiT bit like the current Golf GT technology to push it up to a healthy 325+bhp, but again that could just be rumour...

Fingers crossed though :)

In a bit,
i thought they only made RS versions of exiting models anyway, although the A3 is getting a facelit i still wouldnt hold your breath for it
The "RS" looks sweet, but it doesn't matter how much power you drop under the bonnet of the new focus, for guys like Wayne and I (6' plus) you need to be an amputee to get your legs in, or wear some of those designer carpet fitters' knee pads! After my test drive I'd never have one!
Very Cherry said:
i thought they only made RS versions of exiting models anyway, although the A3 is getting a facelit i still wouldnt hold your breath for it
They do and currently the RS6 is the chosen one.
I must be the only one then, but I think that Focus looks great, especially in black. Looks low and quite aggressive and modern. Plus, they look like 4 pots on the front, something the Golf should come with all day long, gives the car a far more purposeful look.
i didnt say i didnt like it, i actually quite like them, just not as much as the golf or audi

i'm a VAG fan through experience and quality not just choice :)
Fixed Or Repaired Daily :D i like that

reminds me of Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious, a phrase coined by Esprit owners :D
Doesn't beat the Man city sponsor from a couple of seasons ago- EIDOS...eleven idiots dreaming of success!
That Ford sure is a smart looking dustbin! Where's the lid? Or is remotely controlled by the keypad?

Never owned a Ford and never want to - currently on my 9th VW to date!
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