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New member in Hampshire

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Hi all, thought it was about time I got round to introducing myself....

Been a proud owner of a lovely Mk 4 R32 for about 6 months although this is the 2nd time round for me as I previously owned an R32 back in 2005. Unfortunately, it was plagued with problems and after 4 years of breaking the bank I decided to trade it in for a 350Z. Had a series of nice cars since then but eventually traded in my Civic Type R for the R32 and now I have a big smile back on my face! That must say something about the car, I missed it!

Ok, the car is standard but being a perfectionist, I have replaced/upgraded a few things that needed a bit of TLC. My main criteria was to keep the OEM look, here's a list of things done so far:

Replaced passenger airbag cover (had a large dent in it!)
Upgraded vents to illuminated Bora style
Replaced Gamma radio/CD System with OEM MFD 1 satnav unit with boot changer
Fitted DVB-VG DAB Radio & TV interface controllable through MFD 1 unit or remote control (expensive but looks great)
Fitted rear parking camera which is interfaced to the DVB unit and viewed through MFD 1.

The biggest problem to overcome was a nasty (and smelly) leak in the rear passenger footwell. Finding the problem wasn't too difficult, the sunroof drain pipe had worked its way loose from the drain nipple and was leaking into the car. Getting rid of the damp and smell was not so easy! I ended up paying a professional car valet to strip out the seats and carpets and replace the underlay, dry and completely disinfect the carpet. Good news is that the car is now dry and doesn't smell like a damp dog!

Next project is to get my half FIS upgraded to full with interface to MFD 1. Already had a chat with fellow member Ray (top man) and hoping that he can do the job for me. Just waiting for the parts to come in. In the longer term, it's a front/rear bumper respray. They don't look too bad from a distance but close up you can really see the stone chips. Any members out there recommend a good body shop in Hampshire area?

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