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Just bought new R32 , couple of quick questions as the handbook has not yet arrived

(1) Is there any benefit/ detriment on running on super unleaded 98 ron instead of 95

(2) Running in period? seen discussions already about this but was thinking of trying to keep to around 4000 rpm for the first 600 miles......much more difficult than you could ever imagine ( its killing me)

anyone thinking about buying a R32 should, there are so much fun and its as good as my first golf MK1 GTI.

5 door
cruise control
winter pack
18" alloys
Automatic DSG
Xenon side and headlights
parking sensors

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Hi and welcome,

Well I run my MK4 on the super stuff and it is better.

(Sorry I have only had one brand new car and I was told to run it in till 500 miles so I did 750-1000 miles to be sure, But that was back in 1991 so engines should be better now.

Sure you will get lots of advice from MK5 owners who have brought from "New"

Add some photos

All the best,

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Welcome to the forum mate.

Yep, try and run it on the super stuff if you can. I've always used Tesco 99RON and it certainly feels more responsive than the 95RON.

I reckon you're spot on with the running in period. One thing I have read somewhere was that when running in try and keep away from maintaining a steady rev for too long (ie. sitting on the motorway at 70mph). Not exactly sure why they say this is, but at least it means you can have a bit of fun, regularly changing gear down twisty B roads, even if you can't go about 4k rpm!
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