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Hi all you lovely r32 owners.. Been interested in theses mk5 r32's since 2010, when i drove a friends. Just loved it.. Circumstances worked out for me and last weekend i brought a beautiful example one, on a 56plate.. Lively drive home, speechless..

I have always modded out my previous cars mostly jap, this is my first german car... Any tips ? Any common faults?

And best way to gain some more power? Without the turbo'in!

Also any cosmetic changes i can make???

Regards people !

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You will never get massive power without FI. Do the usual Milltek panel filter or induction etc and map. As for cosmetic mods have a look at owners threads. There's a lot of carbon available of that's your thing

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Coilovers (AP/Bilstein)
Exhaust (non resonated)
Manifold upgrade
Decat pipes
Induction Kit (Forge/Neuspeed)
Anti Roll bars (Eibach are good enough)
Wheel Spacers
APR Tuning Remap (Awesome can sort)

Non Performance:
Retro Fit Recaros
Retro Fit RNS 510 (H)
Retro Fit MFSW

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I have the recaro's thank god took 3months to find this car, but three months well spend..

I was thinking

Amd remap and miltek non resonated, also they have a deal going on for half price remaps with milltek exhausts..

Ermm i was thinking a forged induction kit £210?

And do you guys reckon about the led lights or not to bother?

And also i was going to get the grill sprayed chrome along with the wing mirrors?

Lowering i was going to keep it high and looking chunky, i quite like the chunky look? But if i do lower the ride on a day to day basis just gets rough and tough right!?

THANK YOU FOR THE REPLYS! My new r32 gangs friends lol

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Milltek and a remap sounds spot on. You'll get minimal 'bang per buck' for an induction kit.

Chrome mirrors is an individual thing, but DEFINITELY won't give you any extra power. Wouldn't be my cup of tea. Same with the grill.

Lowering - i've bought H & R 25mm springs, but haven't fitted them yet so can't comment on the ride quality. They're highly recommended on the forum. Not too low so hopefully shouldn't be too harsh, ride wise.
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