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Hi guys

Has my Mk 4 R32 for a couple days now, and done a couple of hundred miles (it cost me a bit!!). And I've begun to notice a couple of niggles......

1. When changing gear, there is a creaking/clicking noise that seems to be coming from the gear stick.

2. At slow speeds, at about 20% right lock, there's an occasional clunk, that can be felt through the steering wheel. Stationary, there seems to be some play in the steering, if I wiggle the steering wheel back and forth, it seems to have about 5-10mm of free movement.

3. At low speeds (in gear) I can hear a sort of metallic grinding noise. At higher speeds I can't hear it because of the Millteks, and I can't hear it when in neutral/foot on the clutch.

I'm sure these are newbie questions to be asking, but if anybody can shed any light on potential issues, and more importantly potential costs of repair, I'd be very grateful.

At the moment I don't mind a few minor issues, but if any of these are likely to be major, then I'll be popping back to the garage I purchased it from to have a polite word.



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Not sure about the Rest mate but i Had the clunk when i first got mine i tried a few things turned out to be a shock, replaced both the fronts and never had an issue since.

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5-10mm free play in the rack doesn't sound good though. At best a worn tie-rod or wheel bearing, at worst, the rack! Did you check how much each road wheel moved when moving the steering wheel, or just the one you could see? (i.e. driver's side).

Moving the steering wheel the slightest amount should translate into movement of the road wheels. Does the steering feel a bit vague and wander? MK4s should feel tight with strong self centering.
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