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Had a call from the wife last night at work sounding distraught. First thing I thought from what she was saying was "oh no, she's had a smash in the R!"
Actually she'd been driving to her kickboxing lesson when all of a sudden a plastic wheel trim came flying across the road and hit the front bumper.
Now I only had both bumpers repainted a couple of weeks ago so I was fuming. Not with her of course.

She sent me three pics of the damage which looked like it was down to the primer.

On my way home from work at midnight I managed to find the wheel trim, quite a heavy solid Saab one. Typical Saab!

So this morning I had a go at the damage with the dual action polisher and to my amazement the damage came out! Awesome. I didn't think the paintwork that my local dingmasters had provided was up to much initially but it's clearly quite durable.

The moral of the story is, keep an eye out for flying wheel trims from nasty cheapy steel wheels wobbling down the road.

And if anyone sees a Saab around the Cirencester area with one of those trims missing then I would like a quiet word with them. I want to introduce them to my little friend pain!!

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The fact some drivers don't care about their cars maintenance disgusts me.

Glad the outcome was positive for you though mate.
To be fair the wheel could have hit a pothole and the force dislodged the wheel trim.

i was once parked up waiting for my missus to come back and i watched a man that had a flat tyre take all the stuff out of his boot and was struggling with a nut on the wheel, he spent an age doing it and in the end i couldnt take anymore got out the car to see if i could help. as i got closer it was a plastic fake nut on a wheel trim and he was trying to undo with the socket set!!! he wasnt even put out when i told him lol
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