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New R32 owner - driving position killing me

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Hi All

Just wondering if anyone has trouble with their driving position

Own a mkV r32 and really struggling with being too close to the pedals and too far from the steering wheel. Need to be close to the steering wheel to get a good perch but it puts me real close to the pedals

find also that the pedals are angled quite high compared to other marques

result is putting the back of the seat quite vertical, and town driving especially means I am getting a lot of back and lower leg pain

in hindsight I could probably have done with a steering wheel reach adjustment but they are quite rare options

also i find the clutch light, so you cant rest your foot on it in normal driving without engaging the clutch a little... eg. no slack for you to rest your foot / too light under your foot, so again it means holding your left foot up a bit and thats where the back ache comes in

anyone noticed these things and anyone have any solutions?
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The slippery peddles thing is quite annoying. I found this after trying to drive in my work shoes after it had been raining! thank god I didn't have a clutch to contend with too!

I find the MK5 R32 to have one of the comfiest driving positions I've experienced so far. Used to get terrible lower back ache in my old MK4 Astra which is one of the reasons I ended up selling it and buying the B6 Passat (half leather/half alcantara) and that felt like night and day.

The R32 on the other hand is even better than the Passat being full leather and also hold you in better. The Passat seats seem a bit "wide" for lack of a better word compared and I felt I had a lot more room to slide and move from side to side. I much prefer being held in and supported in the R32
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