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new r32 owner

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Hi all.Just like to add another proud owner of a new dbp mrkv to the forum.Only had the car a week.I traded my mrkv gti which i loved and was modded to a high standard.The gti was dsg and i was sure that i would not buy another manual.Well shes a manual and boy it does feel good to do some proper driving again!.Milltek on its way,and the obvious mods when she has clocked a few kms.
Right then, i'm off for a spin!
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welcome to the forum, as you're no stranger to mods then you'll be aware your wallet will be a lot lighter after spending time here
Defo interesting to read about the DSG and the comments on here, I've never tried it but i'm sure I'd much prefer the manual, all about being in control without assistance for me. Welcome mate!
DSG means you cant blip the throttle when you need to show off....which is a must for me :D

welcome to the forum :ciao: your in good company here, especially choosing that colour :D
Thanks for the welcome guys.DSG or manual the R is a great car for sure.I have taken some nice pictures of the car and will post them up once i figure out how too!
open a photobucket account and when you upload them it gives you the forum codes to cut and paste straight onto here :top:
Hi Solo, and welcome :ciao:

I'm loving your avatar pic!

I would have preferred manual, but out here you can't get a 4 door manual. (4 doors was a requirement for us). Would like to try a manual R.
Hi and welcome.

Interesting to hear your comments about DSG. Sounds like my reasons for staying well away from any sort of auto box. Takes away all the driver control !!
Thanks Macdaddy.
Like said i loved the GTI with dsg,but when i test dove the R,it seems i missed manual more than i thought i would.Ifelt that dsg combined with four wheel drive would make the car feel too good, almost perfect.Manual for me ,just feels right for the R.I'm also lucky enough not to suffer too many traffic jams,and thers plenty of country roads.Another resason for the option taken.
Very Cherry.Thanks for the tip mate.
You should hear it on down shift... Blip the throttle then shift down omg the sound is mega! head to head the dsg car pulls away from the manual... Thats what sold it to me. Only thing i hate is there is a software problem on it which im hoping will be fixed friday.

Nice car matey and welcome to the club!

Not sure how these are going to turn out,first time i have tried.So here goes.
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Great pics! :top:

More of the same in the Members Rides or Photography section at some point please. :D
Ha ha yup cold is an understatment!....High winds and plenty of rain,made for 1 very dirty car.

Looking forward to using the forum for advise etc.
Will post some shots of milltek, when fitted next week.

Cheers all.
Im liking 3 doors more and more now, always thought the doors looked to long but theyr growin on me now.
You'll love the milltek, get it in the multistorey carparks!
Aloha and welcome from Hawaii! :ciao: Maybe a warm hello from Hawaii will help warm things up for you. :flute:
Hi steve,

I am new to this forum as well, but i have have gone exaclty the same route as you.

I have (until saturday) got a DSG GTI, and have bought a manual R. I did say that i would never go back to a manual after 2 years of driving with DSG, but after a 20 minute test drive in the R, i realized it had to be manual for me.
Welcome to you solo.

Am I blind. I can't see any pics.

Also interested to hear the comments of you guys who have gone from the GTI DSG back to manual.

Maybe I'm getting lazy, but I just love to floor the throttle and be able to hang on to the steering wheel!!

I'm also struggling to get an avatar of my motor and sig pic set up.
Hi Kraft.
Congratulations on your purchase mate.Bet Saturday cant come round quick enough!
Admittedly it took me a while to get used to a manual again,but really got to grips with it now.Me and car are flying it!...You wont regret the choice im sure.

Haha with all the wheelspin on me GTI i needed both hands on the steering wheel!
So nice to now be able to put the powerdown in the wet,its always raining in ireland.
Had a millek fitted but havent had a chance to take any decent photos...crap wheather,filthy car and being drunk for the last week or so!

Happy New year to all.
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