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New series of Top Gear from Sunday night

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Its that time of year again, the Top Gear guys are back on the screen. I know its got pretty silly with the challenges but its good fun, and if you sieve through the waffle there is some good stuff there. Wonder if this will be one of the tests??.....

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Get in there!!

I'll be setting the Sky+ planner for that!
There always seems to be so long between each series - it's a nightmare!

Series linking this one!
I'm slightly annoyed in the fact that i fly away for two weeks this sunday and will be missing the start of the new series... i knew i should have gone for the sky+ package :)
Wicked Cool, Hopefully be another awesome series, although the 'America Road Trip' will take some beating, it's still some of the best TV I've ever watched...
Sundays were made for top gear, great news.
Iv been lost on a sunday nite, now they have a purpose again...
i liked the 24 hr endurance race in the Diesel 320 and the race of the DB9 vs the Eurostar.
Yeah i think the Endurance race was one of my favorites aswell, with Mr Clarkson almost breaking down in tears at the end of it.
Sky plussed here too.. Great to see it back. It's not true that it is only for 5 episodes is it?
its about bloody time lol i love top gear its the best thing on tv
have fun
Int Sky+ marvellous! buttons pressed, job done.... :D
oz aerobics sky sports 2.

its what sky plus want invented for.


hubba hubba

Well I'm in Spain at the moment - luckily I can add it to my Sky+ planner on the interweb.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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