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New Sub - Stealth fit

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Got one of these babies fitted into the R32 at the weekend along with a new head unit.


The thing I really like most about this apart from the nice base sound which was very much lacking with the standard component system which doesn't really rise to deep base is the fact that it can be fitted into the spare space in the spare wheel well!!!

All that needed to be altered was the polystyrene tray that holds all the bits, and all that alteration included was triming the thickness of the base down so the sub fits sweetly unter the boot carpet and helps hold the sub in place.

You can't even tell its there! Which for me is a massive plus because I like to retain my boot space and really hate the way boot installs never really look OEM.
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Nice idea Craziscot!

How much did that cost and did you fit yourself?
got any pics?
its a good quick solution buying an all in one package like that, i didnt realise they made them so thin!
dubzter said:
got any pics?

I am seriously considering this, some pics would be great.

It cost me £150 fitted from my local audio fitter, but I think you can pick them up for just over £100 on fleabay. I went with the local guy cos once you weight up bits for fitting, shipping then the time for fitting myself, it suited me better....

I'll try and get some photos up, just need to work out how to resize them.......
If you are on a pc then a quick and un-glamorous way of resizing them is to open them with paint, use the Image>Stretch/screw to change the properties then save them as a new jpeg. I am sure there are better methods but as I don't have Photoshop or anything it works for me.
Heres hoping this works:

The sub cut into the spare wheel well tray (You can see the sub gain and frequency controller to the side, this can be set to a suitable level then up the bass on the stereo to get more out of it. Mine is only at about a third gain.) :

View attachment 208

and the hole cut in the tray with the wires heading off under the tray:

View attachment 209

Hope it all helps.


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Excellent - puts it all in perspective - cheers for the effort CraziScot.
its smaller than i imagined actually now i see it fitted. is there really that much difference to be had for the money?

to resize images you could always download paintshop pro. its available in unlimited demos just google it or visit jasc.com, it has a resize button without definition loss. to host the images you can use photobucket.com - which handily gives you the img tag for forum posting etc
Its an 8 inch sub, and trust me on full gain the thing will vibrate every bit of the car.

It gives a very good deep base sound, I've been playing with mine for the last week and have finally got it to the sort of level you get with 6x9s with everything on the head unit at zero which means with a small tweek at the head unit and you get really meaty bass if your in the mood!

I'm more than happy as it fills in the gap the components sorely leave.
dont get me wrong mate, i wasnt slating it just interested, tempted with this myself!
Not getting anyone wrong at all its all choice, I went out on a limb with this and its turned out well, could have gone very wrong!
just bought one for £109 (dont tell the mrs :D)

just have to figure out what cable i need now, not done an install before. i dont think it would be too hard, however i said that about the kenwood dvd screen satnav and ipod install and ended up getting it done professionally

this should just be a question of getting a cable from the head unit to the box and some power i guess :hmmmm:
Power is straight off the battery, and the cables run down the passenger side of the car somewhere.

I think you can buy a sub/amp fitting kit which has all required parts.
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