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Starts Tuesday on discovery HD (520 on sky) at 9pm

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The new series starts 17th of September at 9pm

17th September

Mike heads out to Poland to bag one of the most exciting and exclusive cars we've ever done - the Lamborghini Uracco. Prices are rising thanks to the company's 50th anniversary and dwindling supply of these 70s supercars. Mike finds a car that's been kept in a collection for years - without turning a wheel. It doesn't start, it can't drive. But it's in great condition in every other way. Can Mike turn this huge gamble into a great profit?​

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24th September

Mike's father used to own a custom favourite, the Ford Pop, and Mike has spent long hours during his childhood wishing that he had one. That day has come but Pops are notoriously variable in their quality, often expensive, and usually rare. Mike finds a car with dangerously set-up steering and decided to take a punt on it. For once they forget the idea of profit, and Mike asks Edd to 'go mad' and to make the Pop 'amazing'. Can Edd deliver?

1st October

This car is one of America's first sportscars and it's amazingly good to drive. This is why the C2 Stingray is one of the world's sports icons. Mike heads to the USA to hunt for a car that's rust free and happens upon an example that's been partly restored...and at a great price. But the C2 is far from being finished and it needs Edd's experienced hands to get it on the road to recovery.

8th October

Mike heads to Poland to sample the FSO Syrena - one of the rarest motors we've tackled and one of the most quirky. The Syrena looks and feels like a 50s car although it was built decades later. With such an oddball vehicle, that is virtually unknown outside Poland, how will Mike and Edd add value to it, and crucially, make a profit?

Lotus elise 15th October

The Lotus Elise is a drivers' dream. It's good looking, quick, and handles like a racing car. Mike wants to buy one but soon realises that he can't add value to a car that's already excellent. But then he hits on the idea of making an Elise that can perform not only on the road, but the track too. Will they add enough driving excitement to collect a profit?

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17th October

Mike's desire to own a classic Cadillac with fins leads him to an early 60s car that is on sale at the equivalent of only £3000. It's a one owner, matching numbers vehicle, with minimal rust and loads of lovely chrome. The bad news is that the wrecked interior, huge dents and mottled green/grey paint make this car look like it belongs in a horror film. Can Mike and Edd turn this ugly duckling into a swan?

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