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Newbie baptised at the altar of R32

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Hello all!

Been lurking in the background for a few months now so thought it was about time I said hi! Picked up an '07 ex demo R, 5 door, DP Blue a few months back and can't get rid of this fixed grin on my face. She's a bit Sunday Roast without the trimmings at the moment, but that will come, especially after listening to some Full Miltek with cats and manifolds. Sweet.

Up in St. Albans but can be seen bombing up and down the M1 / M6 and also heading down Cornwall way.

Big thanks to Jonny on the hints and tips front for all things cleaning, polishing, waxing. Arnie has nothing on my arms now!!

Paul aka Frankwell
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Hi and welcome to the site :)

Get some pics up of it as its sounds like you've been hard at work keeping it gleaming lol,
Welcome to the forum mate. Enjoy!
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome! and I can approve ex-demos as mine only had 250 miles on the clock (4 months after manafacture) when I got mine earlier this year. The smile only gets bigger :party:
Hello & welcome :ciao:
Hi and welcome, I've only joined today. I have been a proud owner for two months now but been too busy driving in my spare time and I still have that grin on my face everytime I do. Mine is still standard and was an '07 Ex Demo. Im often at WGC at the weekends so if you fancy having a burn down the A414 let me know!!!!
Thanks all!

Space, I'm sure I'll be seeing you about over the next month - the missus keeps insisting on driving up to WGC for the shopping. So if you see a DBP MKV been driven a bit too quickly with a woman seemingly punching the driver to death, that's me!
Arrrh the John Lewis syndrome I bet!! You wont see mine going slowley either so just look left or right not front or back. See you about, Black MkV 5 dr with loads of Y's in the reg.
Space.Where abouts is Gilston?
Is it out towards the Haddams? Ive been this part of the woods for the last 7 years and never came across the place.:hmmmm:
Very Cherry said:
hello from cornwall :ciao:
Very Cherry - how far down in Cornwall are you? I tend to come straight down from London to Redruth. Watcha got and I'll look out for you!
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