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newbie from lake of como - italy

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i'm ivo from italy :itsme:
I have just bought a used 2006 golf V R32 DSG 3doors (wonderful)
I will surely understand and grow up my acknoledge about this optimum car reading (and writing) in this forum :adore:.
thanks in advance :tee:
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Hiya Ivo,

Welcome to the forum :) :) :party:

Good choice on the car mate, but where are the pics?
Yeshh!!! Get some pics up of your R!! What colour aswell :)
Hi and welcome :ciao:

We're all expecting some nice .:R pictures by the lake!

Ivo welcome to the forum and R ownership :driver:
hi ivo welcome to the forum good choice of car
Hi Ivo, welcome to the club :ciao:

Lets see some pictures then :D
Welcome to the forum :)
Thank U all

I will certainly contribute with R & lake photos
and also "live" this forum


(here is a first photo of "lucifer" with one of my passion <slalon ski> in lenzerheide switzerland)


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Looks great mate, but whats the roman helmet on the roof?
Nice car,nice part of the world.
:ciao: welcome to the site, i bet youve had some fun with the car in the snow :D

still waiting for the white stuff here :( i'm 300 miles north of my home at the moment and still not got
ciao ivo tutto bene? :D :D :D


we wait for you all at italian R32 & GTI meeting :D
Ciao Ivo, welcome to the site and enjoy.....:xD
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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