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Newbie from North West looking for a R32 !

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Hello guys. I'm Tom 21 from St Helen's in the north west currently looking for a r32. I drive a mk4 gti turbo at the minute but the dream has always been to get an R32 ! Preferably a 3 door DBP with fairly low mileage. But I know it's gona be a struggle seeing as everyone else wants one. Hope to hear from you guys anyway !

Cheers tom.
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I know what you mean. I've got about a 7k budget. But I've been seeing mk5s at that price with fairly high mileage. I do prefer the looks of the mk4 but then the interior of a fully loaded mk5 is awesome. What do you guys think ? I'm thinking mk4 myself !
Yeah I'm thinking mk4 ! U fellas go any suggestions ? Been looking for weeks now.
Really can't resist DBP not fussed on interior. I'm in St Helen's between Liverpool and Manchester. I'd be willing to travel within reason. Seen one on ed38 but it's on air suspension which I wouldn't really want. They easy to remove does any dot know ?
I don't really like the way it's had a full respray either
No I just wasn't too sure on it. Im always keeping an eye on this and ed38 forums waiting for something to come up. But then when I see 3 door mk4s in DBP that have been on for like a week or two I wonder why they haven't been snapped up seeing as they're sought after
Think I've seen your up on forums Moz. Looks good but wrong colour I'm afraid
GLWS though ! Where is your way mate ? Have you got link or anything ?
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Ideally I want one that I can just pick up and not worry about anything and know its been well looked after. Looks like a waiting game
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If i cant find a DPB then i think silver will be on the cards. Certainly wouldnt be dissapointed with one !
Looks good mate ! But i also dont mind black with black alloys. Too much choice lol
This is the hardest descision of my life haha ! Which colour R32 to get ?!! suppose i could be in worse situations lol

Have any of you looked at this DBP one on ebay ? Exactly what im looking for but it seems abit dodgey with the finance problems that he goes on about at the end of the ad. A scam or something you reckon ??
True, thats why id prefer to buy one off forums so i know exactly what im buying. I think its been on and off for about a month aswel. Must be something wrong
Looks like an amazing car, but it would be in everyday use with me and i dont think i'd wana take it out when its in that condition
Loving all the colour wars ha ! Suppose it doesn't matter on the colour it's still the same car and the same amazing noise !
I am in north west if you need a hand looking

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Where u located mate ?
Very well cared for and loved DBP has just gone up in the classifieds ;)/> *cough http://www.r32oc.com/topic/49656-for-sale-mk4-r32-dbp-3dr-milltek-catsnon-res-hr-springs-new-clutchflywheel-more/ * cough :p/>
Looks real nice mate. Where u located ?
On a sunny day like this I need a stunning r32 to nock about it !
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Stick to your guns and go for DBP...it's wat I'm doing you know you will kick yourself I'd you don't....it's wat I'm doing shag!

That's exactly what I'm doing mate ! Just waiting for the right one to come along. Good luck with finding one
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