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Newbie R32 lover currently in a predicament

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Hey all, new guy here! Names stuart and im 28 live in Inverness Scotland and currently I own a Skoda Octavia VRs that unfortunately I had a minor accident in on Thursday due to the snow, not heard anything back from insurers or bodyshop the car is in but I did bounce over some hefty sized rocks and am unsure on what the bottom of the car looks like. However im thinking worst case here so if the car is written off im going to fulfil something ive wanted to do not long after selling my 25th Anni and that's get my MK4 R32. So really just on here to get some info and tips and see whats what
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Hi Stuart! Unlucky on the accident. Your basically a neighbor to me, i live in Thurso
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What colour is it? How long ago?

There is an R32 for sale up here, the guy is skint and its not a perfect example. Bargain to be had
Ahh i dont remember seeing that.

I went to have a look at it today where its parked heres what i seen.

DBP 3 door
Tinted windows on the rear
full leather
rs4 wheels reps i think
looks like a bluflame cat back
new pads
6 month T&T
Cabon wrapped B pillars

bad bits

NSF wing needs paint bad!
Wheels are kerbed
Bit of a lip on rear discs
Weitecs look ancient
Boot doesnt lock (i opened it and the alarm went!)

6k but he paid 4 because the guy was going in the nick the same day
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Ahh do ya? Im waiting for them to email me sayin they have wings! And getting my rear wings painted i hope. Any hints for me to get extras painted?

Ill go take pictures tomorrow
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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