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Newbies say hello...

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Time to start spreading the word :)
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sure is ;) Still going through bugs and making sure everything is working ok, shouldnt be too long now. Then i can start adding content etc :D
Such a beautiful design.................. :confused:
Just joined now, thanks to MacDaddy for the referral
No problem fifty, the more popular this forum gets the more power we'll all have for Group buys etc
Joined this morning. Good to have another source of information.
Just joined last night... waiting til August to get my 2008 R32 in Washington.
Nice to see we have a place to call our own.
Hello from across the pond, was referred here by mackdaddy .
Welcome guys, its nice to have somewhere to log into without bypassing other makes and models.
Hopefully we'll give this forum a good name
just found this
via a post on uk-mkivs
welcome everybody. Post up anything you would like to see in the what you wanna see thread - ill do my best :)
Just Joined, hi guys (referal from VW Vortex)
Hi all, found this via Edition 38.
Hey y'all, just signed up after finding this place on the Vortex.
DBP R32 in Atlanta here, pretty much stock. Except for an ugly roof rack.
Hey - signed up a couple of days ago, but just now getting a chance to look around. I own a TR Mk IV R32 and am anxiously awaiting a CW Mk V R32.
This is one of a hundred forums for VW I am a member of but you can never have too many forums ;)

Bill - 2004 VW R32

The difference being that this is an R32 specific forum, a place all R owners can call home no matter which country they are from (just so long as they can read and type english :) )
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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