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James (caxton01) said:
Yep I had this last year and I used WD40 to lubercate it and moved the handbrake up and down and that sorted it
I take it you mean the handbrake pivot on the caliper & not the brake disc??Sorry James couldn't resist!! :aetsch:

I'd agree with the above, Up here in Scotland after it's rained all day & i've been a bit slack on putting the R into the garage I've had the same sort of noise followed by slight scuffing until caliper has fully retracted. This used to be a VERY common problem on MK2 golfs :banghead: but not such a problem now..Of course if your car wasn't sitting in the rain then this isn't usually such a problem so we may be way off???:s Hope this helps a little atleast!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts