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NW meet tomorrow.

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Is anyone going to the Bamber bridge meet tomorrow night? I am thinkimng about it but would prefer to meet some people I 'half' know from r32oc.com rather than rock up and know no one, let me know. Cheers:p
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where is bamber bridge - anywhere near basingstoke? lol :confused:

ignore that comment, i just realised the title was NW not VW ooops, emma and one of her many blionde moments lol
Yes i'm going as its only down the road, So's Wayne and hopefully we'll be dragging [email protected] too !!!!

Get yourself there , be great to meet another member !!

If you wanna meet before to go in convoy with people you half know then just pm me ure number and i'll give you a bell first

I'd love to see peoples faces if three or more R's turn up in convoy
yea what mac said, would be great to meetr up in convoy!!
OK, I am coming from Clitheroe way. If you let me know where you guys are meeting I will try be there.
we are aiming to get there for 19:30hrs, so if you wanna meet about 19:15 somewhere ? are you coming down the M65 ? Meet at B&Q at the end of the M65 ?
ok, is it easy to find? I will just drive to the end and have a look for it. I will be there for just after 7.
come off the roundabout at the end of the M65, take the 3rd exit towards clayton le woods, stay in the right hand lane at the first set of traffic lights and turn right into the car park, its that easy.

we'll see you there then.
What a good meet guys, Total of four R's there and hopefully one new recruited member.
Good to put faces to user names.

I'm sure some pics will follow
Sorry I had to dash off without saying bye, missus broke down, bloody fiats!!! Anyway it was good to meet you guys, and I am now enjoying my Miltek lol!! Hopefully see you again soon.
Did you manage any decent pics ?
Sounds like it was a good meet then
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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