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OEM Rear Window Tinting

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Hopefully a quickie for you guys.

I gave my Mk5 (Black) R32 a good clean and long overdue wax yesterday and while cleaning the inside of the rear (drivers-side) window noticed a blemish.
With a bit of rubbing (with a waffle-weave towel) I managed to make the blemish bigger and I have a horrible feeling I am rubbing off the dark tinting on the window.
It is very noticeable from the inside of the car, but not really from the outside.

The car did have some marks on the tinting on the passenger side rear window when i bought her, so it is something i have been meaning to look into but yesterday has essentially reminded me.

Firstly, do you think it is indeed the tinting I have inadvertently rubbed off or something else?

Secondly, is it possible to get the windows re-tinted to the OEM standard (either at a dealer or elsewhere)? I assume they would remove the existing and re-apply?

Many thanks
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so this means replacing the glass in both rear-windows (including the smaller fixed ones)?

Ok thanks; I will enquire how much this costs via my local dealer(s); i suspect it will be a pretty penny so it can wait for now.
I haven't got around to it yet, but if you find out I would be interested to know.
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