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off with the old................

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and on with the new milly non res catback


took me a while to find someone to fit it for me, luckily a local drop in garage who must remain nameless as they apparently arent allowed to fit exhausts that they dont sell you themselves fitted it for me after i wafted some cash-in-hand lunchtime readies :D

gave it a good blast on the way home to remove any sealant left on the innards

and now i'm all ready to start patrolling multistorey carparks setting off car alarms :laugh:
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Nice one - thought you couldn't drive yet?

Well done to the local fitters - can easily tell you it easy from the colours and leaflets.

What do you think so far?
technically i shouldnt be driving but my foot is well strapped and theres no real pain, just a mild limp and the occasional use of 1 crutch and i am operating the pedals just fine

to be honest i'm surprised how quiet it is, i was expecting a neighbour annoying roar but thankfully just get an amplified burble which sounds great. i dont know if its just me but it actually sounds quieter when you cruise compared to the standard system (which should keep the mrs happy) but gives a nice roar when you activate the warp drive :D or when you give it a freindly blip on gear downchange

very happy :top: definately as loud as i would want to go for a daily car
Glad you're happy with in VC :top:
It will settle in VC. And the more settled it becomes on the car the beter the noise!!

Glad you got one at last!
Very Cherry said:
technically i shouldnt be driving but my foot is well strapped and theres no real pain, just a mild limp and the occasional use of 1 crutch and i am operating the pedals just fine
What with the crutch??
nooooooo you didnt take your car there, ive herd horror stories of that place mate :( they are okay for deals but not really for work.

if you nead to take your car somewhere again mate go up to rk engineering up near st.agnes where you will find jem and simon, two very knowledgable guys (they must be as they are the only people i have heard of being able to customise the eip downpipe for a rhd which kept the aircon :) ).

honestly mate you cant go wrong there :)

ps im not affiliated with them, just have alwasy had really good service and probably one of the only places who i would let touch her.

and im sure kris on here would agree.
i was planning to call rk but the guy as 'thou who shall not be named' know me and are in awe of the car and i stood there whilst they fitted it. the main guy who was doing it is into tuning and m3's so knew what car he had in front of him and was as gentle as a lamb. he even dropped the old exhaust home for me for free. for this type of job, and because i know them i would let them do it, if they had been unknown i wouldnt have gone near them.

for more complicated jobs, if i cant do them myself i wouldnt even consider them, but they had all the right tools and the ramps and were just down the road
Is it the non resonated one or resonated. I found the resonated too sodding quiet!:listen:

Now its the opposite withe the cats etc, does sound awesome mind hahaha and was a bugger to fit lol.

Looks good anyway mate and yeh the tone of the exhaust soon changes after a few hundred miles. Mine sounds a lot deeper then it did when I first installed it and the system is a lot less Boomy then the standard one I found
Fair enough mate. totally understand, but i would def go and make sure she is stapedd up okay :)

how are you liking the sound.

thats weid as i found the st way too loud (especially in the small country villaige i live in) so i went back to the silenced :)
V_C once it's bedded in the sound really does improve. Despite being non-res, it doesn't have the booming effect that the standard had at around 2,500rpm so this might be why you find it quieter, however outside the car it is seriously loud.

Drive down a road with terraced houses either side, drop the windows and let her rip and you will soon realise how fooking amazing the sound really is.

Can i just remind everyone by dropping another link to my vid!!!
This was after a 20 minute blast so the exhaust was running hot and at it's loudest :D :top:
hi vc how much was your non res millie as iam looking to change mine soon
well, all comments taken on board and i took it to a tunnel this morning (its a wide old railway tunnel on a very quiet lane), stopped, dropped the windows and blipped it

O...M..........G!!! lol :D it is loud outside the car isnt it :laugh: its decieving inside the car, i think gentle gear changes and low revs are in order to not upset the neighbours

price wise, i bought mine from hfcforpromotion with its only done 60 miles and its as new. i found awesome to be the cheapest and was preparing to buy one from them for just under £400 delivered however theres another for sale in the classified for less if you peek
thanx for that vc hopefully santa may bring me one for christmas!
if he's got it on his sleigh you'll certainly hear him coming :laugh:
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