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oh dear! look who owns an r32

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he's had that a while too, i first saw him in it on that program where they tried to reunite E17
Wow, sounds like he was thrashing her as well. Also interesting to hear his plee that it was a different car, would be interesting to see if the police provided the info that it wasnt?
Maybe find out the reg to make sure no one here gets lumbered with it lol !
lets hope he runs himself over with the r32 too lol!!!
Nice to know I'm a member of such an elite club... :p
The search is on to find out if he's on here under an alias.lol
My money's on Very Cherry :D
Well I was thinking that but did'nt want to be the first to say.lol
I'll give him £1300. Thats all its worth.............lol
always a good idea to defend yourself and call the police lying barstewards
It's the fastest colour, his argument that it was a different coloured .:R speeding past was never gonna stand up in court.... ;)
Sorry guys but I have to admit that I am a member of R32oc and I used to be a member of E17 fan club! All I can say to bri is "alright, alright, everythings gonna be alright, it's really alright"!! Now who is going to admit to singing along? lol
Wayne Rooney bought himself an early model MK V too.....
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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