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The title is the start. I have a complete Ohlins suspension ( front coilovers and rear coil springs , adjusters and dampers ).The springs are Eibach 65mm diameter , 200mm long and 60N/mm s
ring rate ( slightly softer and longer than to ones provided originally by Ohlins ) I have used them for about 10 moths and 4000miles , but they are still in excellent condition. The rear dampers have brand new top mounts , but the fronts will come without top mounts ( as they did from Ohlins ) as I need them for the replacement . Overall, the suspension was excellent and I think that the replacement I have fitted (AST) will be hard pushed to be any better ( see my build thread for all this “New owner “ )
The sharp eyed amongst you will have noticed that the front coilovers are conspicuous by their absence. Yep.They are still on the car and in the same condition as the rears. If there is a serious buyer I will of course whip the fronts off but as the rear of the car is up in the air and in lots a bits, I did not want to attack the front before I have to.
Anyway , they are listed on this forum only for a week. If there is no interest after a week, I will then post on Facebook and ebay but thought I would give this forum first shout , having managed to make a complete cock with the suspension arms that were advertised simultaneously in several places and caused irritation and grief all round .
Oh, the price . £1200 is a lot . New they are £2400 which is even more of ‘ a lot ‘ so I thought that half
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price was fair . Postage . U.K. mainland in a box 90x70x60 cm and weighing 30kg will cost £30 . If there is a significant quantity of water between your address and mine ( South Derbyshire ) please price up postage before expressing interest . Light Line Font Automotive tire Gas
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