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Old member after a favour...

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Hello everyone, long time no see.

I am on the blag, and since I used to help out lots of others on here and send bits out for nothing I thought it would be worth an ask...

I have a set of car mats for a Seat Leon with the oval "twist" fittings on them.

I need a set of fixings that are the "push" or "stud" type. Just four, for the two front mats.

If anyone feels they can help, or can push me in the right direction then please comment!

I have searched google and eBay but found very little that isn't ridiculously priced. I obviously haven't contacted my arsehole of a dealer or TPS yet...I was hoping for the "kindness of strangers" haha.

Hope you all are well!

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My guess is he's BPH and changed his name when he "sold up"
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