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Opinions on an alternative rear wiper.

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Found this and it looks quite nice and plain. Deciding between one of these and a standard polo/aero wiper.
Cheers Sam

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is,nt that just like the standard one ???
Yeah I did wonder, can't really tell from the pic as it doesn't have a sideways sgot. Might give them an email.
The A4 Avant one looks good IMO

Pictures are courtesy of an incarnation of Dan32 - he now has no rear wiper altogether

I have the polo one fitted to mine and it looks good and works well. As as above think the linky you have posted to eBay is the same as the standard VW one.
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i like the Audi A4 Avant one alot... got to keep an eye out for one of those!
i like the audi viper. Does anyone know if its a bolt on fit or do i need to modify it before it can fit on the car?
looking around uk-mkiv's it seems the audi one isn't a direct fit...and it needs mixing with a skoda fabia rear wiper... skoda mount, cap, spring and audi arm

looking at the pics above thats what may have been done there
Cheers for posting up my pics Tony! Saves me trying uploading them! The Avant one is simple bolt on jobbie, once you've got the old one off which can sometimes seize on there, but if you want the squirter to still work, you have to dremel a slot in it as on the Audi the washer bit spins round with the wiper. The Skoda one has the slot already cut into it but not sure about the overall length of the wiper fitting our window so someone will have to try one out or take tape measure to Skoda dealer! All in the parts were about £20. I'll see if I can dig out the part numbers but Audi dealer will know what you're talking about.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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