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So I want to lower my Mrk 5 , its more for aesthetics than performance but I would like to be able to still put her round a corner!

for my budget I was going to go for H&R's. They are a good brand and a lot of people have used them.

I have seen some FK AK coilovers though for forty pounds more than the springs. Should I spend the little extra for the adjust-ability that coilovers offer?

So really it is top quality springs vs low budget coilovers.

opinions would be appreciated!

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I would go H&R's all day long compared to cheap coilovers. I've had a few cars on H&R's, although not a mk5 R32 and have always been impressed.
Cheap coilovers are exactly that cheap!
They at least need to be stainless, otherwise adjustment becomes difficult once used for a while and the ride quality must be questionable at that price point.
Either get the H&R's or spend a bit more on some KW's, the car deserves it!

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With coilovers you get what you pay for in a sense. The cheaper whilst they are not bad....No doubt the ride will be slightly crashy.

I would recommend AP coilovers as a friend had them on his R32 it was a bit more rough in comparison to the spring set up but not unbearable.

I went for the H&R springs i have attached a few photos for your convenience.

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