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Opinions please.

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I've been toying with this idea for a while as I'm desperate for something different.

What are people's opinions?

It's either black or diamond cut, but I'm put off by the fact that if you curb a diamond cut alloy, the entire finish stats to deteriate and often cannot be refurbished in the same finish.

In real life, I think that the black would look very nice indeed.
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I think black on black looks awesome.

Personlly I hate diamond cut rims, something about them makes me think cheap n cheerful / chav but that may be due to all the Corsa's near me that have those cheap sets from Halfrauds. Plus, as you say, if curbed then they deteriate and may not be possible to be finished the same and you'll probably end up finishing them in black anyway.

My question, if going for black rims would you go for matt, satin or gloss finish?
Tyre shine 'applied' in this picture.

It would probably be Satin or gloss, but most likely gloss to try and match the paint.
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I like em.reckon they would look a lot better with red or black calipers though.:)
True, but I think the blue keeps the essence of the R32 is you get me? Afterall it is the official colour.
EdHoskins said:
True, but I think the blue keeps the essence of the R32 is you get me? Afterall it is the official colour.
Know what your saying,how about keeping the blue calipers and spraying the grill black?
It's a possibility but to be honest I quote like the 'chrome look' grill.

Possibly more hassle than its worth.
Why don't you get the wheels done as you want them and see how you feel after.I reckon they look good in black anyway.Great job on your details by the way,three clean examples.
Yea I think will. It's 50/50 with peoples opinions on the wheels that I've spoken to.

Just fancy something different.

Thanks very much, with the weather hopefully getting better, and armed with more products and a better camera/knowledge of photography I should have some more up in the near future :)
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