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Opinions please

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Hey people

Im in the market for some new wheels and im tempted by these. Now they are made by rota which I don't think is a commen thing you see on dubs but I reckon they look quite nice. I've got a silver 2003 with black lights badges so thought these might look Ok

Remember be nice and if you dont like don't slate me to much :(

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Not keen to be honest,but if you could get a photoshop might look better on car.
Pretty nice, what about a set of Compomotive CXT1880's in 18"?



I'd be interested if they came in 19" but when I enquired...

Them: The tooling would cost you approx £20,000.00 & then minimum run would be 60 wheels … I presume you are not looking to invest this much?

Me: £20k and 60 wheels is a tad excessive for my needs lol. Never mind, nice alloys! Please let me know if you start producing the wheels in 19".
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Found um on rimstyle. Around £800 for a set of 18's. but if I buy im guna get um without tyres thats around 650 I think.
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