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other hobbies?

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just wondering what everybody else enjoys apart from their R32`s ?

me i do jujitsu with some mixed in ground fighting, kungfu, kickboxing and general fitness. im also training to try really fit to join the royal marines reserves before joining full time. i also like tattoos too im not covered in them though ive only got two. and finally bikes currently got a 2000plate aprilia RSV R and a 95 plate RS 250
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you must like to watch UFC programmes then...my favourite. I just to do judo but not anymore.
yeh i like UFC i prefere the earlier ones though where they used to beat the shit out of each other
Music, Extreme Sports and Cars, pretty much in that order...

Love all types of music but big Club/Dance Events and Rock Venues are what I'm really into, Pendulim fits the bill and have already seen them live three times this year.

Also Snowboard, Skateboard, Kitesurf and Agressive Inline when I can, quite like Parkour too but there's a distinct lack of space on Blackpool prom in the summer, bloody day-trippers, he he!

Then Cars and more Cars really, Love going to Shows, especially the VAG ones but the odd RWYB day at Santa Pod is always worth the trip down, also currently planning a build project for my 1984 Polo Classic, however it's original 1.1litre engine is still going strong at only 64k so it'll be a while till it gets the 20VT treatment, lol!

In a bit,
For me...

Gave up Thai boxing a few years back as i didnt have anymore time. Used to really enjoy it tho.

Nowadays my times spent on here, down the gym or at work.
apart from my car its football, play in the bgb premier for corby town, bit of extra cash, going to the gym. just the usual stuff really nothing out there i suppose
I'm really into photgraphy... possibly the most expensive thing after cars!

I'm keen on keeping fit too....well I've got no choice, I've had 7 knee operations in the last 6 years, and need to keep as fit as a fiddle to keep it strong. I play football when I can, and cycle bits.

Do a bit of computer geeking at times too.
Hmm - All i really do is play football, suppose i'm a little boring really, unless you can count the kids as a hobby :D
Gotta be the Car first. However I'm just about to revive an old hobby of mine Mountain biking, i'm off over to Castleford tomorrow to pick up a new Trek hardtail. Other than that I spend 4 nights a week in the gym when the wife isn't giving me grief! The rest of my time I spend running my business. No more time in my life for anything else! Oh apart from the little one thats due on the 23rd December!!!
my first love is brittney...my burton snowboard :D i love her with all my heart and i abuse her lethally off stoopid heights and she tries to kill me on the landing, a match made in heaven :D. im a snowboarder through the core but always dust the surfboard off in the summer to run tourists over in the waves...or as i fondly refer to them as speedbumps :D

i also hit the gym but not as often as i could do but most of my exercise comes from taekwondo, and being 6'3 makes my long lanky legs specialist tools lol. ive fought both regionally to gold and in 2005 got gold in the nationals for combat and patterns :D (just try and steal my car from me.....) i help out with the kids rather than compete so much these days, although if i pull my finger out theres a chance for me to make the UK team to fight in the world championships in uruguay (spl?) in the autumn although i dont think ill go for it.

with the martial arts and snowboarding i have so far broken my back twice, countless ribs, fingers, wrists, ankle, foot, toes, thumbs, shoulder and my arms are covered in some cool scars...although not as big as the foot long scar around my waist when i let them take my kidney lol :D i'm getting to old for this sh1t

then there the music and cars and the family :D
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Very Cherry said:
my first love is brittney...my burton snowboard :D i love her with all my heart and i abuse her lethally off stoopid heights and she tries to kill me on the landing, a match made in heaven :D
PMSL! Quality...

You weren't at Snowbombing this year were you Bud, I did the Rally over in the R32 and I'd definately recommend it, even managed a trip to the Nurburgring on the way back, only issue was it was loaded with snowboarding gear!

In a bit,
some different hobbies there then, VC if your good enough mate you should pull your finger out and do the world champs just for the experience
the training regime is a nightmare though, i was supposed to fight in the 2006 world championships but litterally days before i snapped my foot in half at squad training and took me almost a year to walk again!

also...its fookin scary stuff :D
yeh i put my mate who`s also my instructor in kungfu and kickboxing in A+E last night lol he`s ok but had a dodgy landing of a throw yesterday morning it took all day to start to seize up to the point where he couldnt bend it.
thats what i mean, i dont heal so quick these days and seem to snap easier and the time off to recover is a hassle.

jesus..i sound like my dad....
Main hobby for me has to be the car!

After that it's all things gadget, be it computers, TV's, Cinema systems, etc! Why did I have to pick the expensive hobbies

When it's nice outside I do like the odd bike ride as well.
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The R and the great game take most of my time up (oh, and my other half of course!)

Also, bought an Xbox 360 about 6 months ago and never used to like computer games but playing people online has changed my mind - absolutely love the occasional killing spree on either Gta4 or COD4.........anyone else dabble on either of these - (if so let me know your user name so i can kick your ass!!!) :xD:xD:xD
R32Dub said:
anyone else dabble on either of these - (if so let me know your user name so i can kick your ass!!!) :xD:xD:xD
My Gamertag is Leon Gater, Capital L, Capital G and a space between, and I've got both those games, also if you've not got it yet, Forza Motorsport 2 is a cracking game, especially online...
jon_R32 said:
95 plate RS 250
I love RS250's!

I used to ride a lot until my bike, a 2006 Fireblade got stolen from a motorway service station in 2007. Since then I've been wanting another bike and was going to get one about this time but as I broke my leg in March I'm nowhere near fixed enough to ride. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to ride again.

Work keeps me abroad a lot so I don't get the time for hobbies but when I can I love going to gigs.
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