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Hi All,

New to the forum - i'm 27 and up on the Wirral. Not sure if there are any other members over this way; don't see too many R's about!

Looking forward to picking up my R32 MkV on Tuesday. Having changed from a 2010 BMW 320d MSport it will be a bit of a change - I'm sure the noise, my grin and filling up with petrol will make up for dropping from 60mpg! I was really quite impressed with the build quality of the R, I was concerned that I'd struggle to find something that matched the BMW. I looked at various cars but the balance of practicality, performance and comfort was a winner. The 4motion will make a difference from the RWD in the winter too.

I've read a couple of posts about coil pack recalls and the like - I appreciate that this doesn't affect all cars though - but this got me thinking - the car is on a 58plate with 25k on the clock, so still relatively new. Is there anything I should be looking out for before signing on the dotted line? It has a 12 month warranty so not a major issue but be good to know your experiences when buying.

For those interested: - it's Steel Grey, 5door (had to be practical), recaro leather heated seats, DSG, RNS510, and completely standard.

Will posts pics when I've picked it up. Look forward to the owners experience and the forum.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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