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Hello all

Ive been on the forum for a couple of years now so thought it might be time to start a thread for my mk4

When i was looking to buy one my girlfriend actually stumbled across this one for sale on here.

After a drive up to kent to have a look it was so clean and exactly what i wanted i paid the man and drove it home!!

When i bought it it was completley standard with only 53000 on the clock and im the 3rd owner, exactly what i wanted low miles bog standard full leather and not many owners. It came with the R line centre caps already fitted

This was how it was not long after i got it

Drove it completley standard for a year or so then decided i needed some more theatre from it

Carboni CAI fitted up

Made a trip up to tunning werkes in croydon to have a miltek non resonated cat back fitted and an APR remap,got to say the APR remap was really worth the money and ive got 3 maps to run, fuel dependant using the cruise control

Miltek non resonated fitted

Friend of mine took some photos for me

Just a couple ive taken over time

Not long after this i had a set of low tec coil overs fitted was never really happy with them and in the last week or so i have renewed the coil overs

KW inox V2s

Also renewed top mounts,bearings and drop links and got an S3 strut brace and a second set of adjustable arms

KWs all fitted up and now have upper and lower adjustable arms fitted to it

Got to say this is the best set of coil overs ive ever had and the ride on them is incredible!!

Last couple of mods that i think are pretty much the norm these days but a mk5/6 rear wiper and a polo aerial

Also had these fitted up a while a set of 42 draft shift bushes, could not believe the difference these made when i fitted these

Think the shift linkage needs a polish haha

And for now thats how it stands! ive got the strut brace and a LCR splitter to fit but the splitter has been sat for a year or two so ill do that one day haha this is my daily and i do 300 miles a week in it so it does get used and abused but keep it as clean as i can haha

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