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I have recently purchased a Parrot Asteroid headunit for my Mk4 R32.
It is single DIN fitment and plugs straight into your existing loom.
This unit incorporates Bluetooth audio, USB audio, SD card compatibility, and AUX in functions. As well as having Bluetooth, it incorporates full phone book and voice activation.
Many other functions include google maps, weather and an audio equaliser to adjust the sound to your custom choice. You require a network connection to use google maps etc i have not yet explored this function.
The screen quality and sound quality with a stock Mk4 speaker system is sublime. Bluetooth connection and functionality is very simple and very good quality, announcing callers name if selected.

I currently only use this for Bluetooth and iPod audio as there is no cd drive and I do not need one. It's small and compact allowing easy fitment of wiring loom. I would highly rate this to anyone considering upgrading their stock radio!

The only thing that does let it down is the time it takes to load up when first turning on ignition (not immediate audio) but I the grand scheme of things this is minor!! I hope this has been informative enough for you ICE perverts

Search eBay for 'Parrot Asteroid' I purchased this from Dynamic Sounds based in London, very helpful informative guys!
Only £189.00 delivered next day!
An absolute bargain in my eyes and you will not be disappointed.

I rate this 9/10!!

Will add pictures v. Soon


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I have one in mine! Totally agree with everything he says..... including the start of time of the head unit! You could drive half a mile before being able to select your desired function of listening to music.
That and the sudden jump in volume it sometimes has when your impatience gets the better of you by trying to hurry up the load up time by playing with random buttons like I have done in the past, scares the living ferjeebees out of me.
Overall though this is a bloody good stereo to which I paid nearly double for in halfords less than 10 months ago.
Complete bargain I say at £180
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