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Pearl White Corrado VR6 - swaps / px - £2600

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So, i'm enjoying corrado ownership, but would like to move on to something a bit newer in my eyes, it's an incredible car and i've spent a lot of money on it getting it running right and alot of niggly interior bits, it was a tad ropey when i got it, but it's nearly sorted now, just needs a little more TLC. It's originally a 16v, that was converted by someone that worked at PSI tuning a few years ago. ITS STILL A 2.0 16v ON THE LOGBOOK, i just declared the engine conversion as a modification

1993 White 16v shell - no idea on mileage of shell, the body is incredibly straight, with the ONLY spot of rust being on the bootlid between the spoiler and the window, roughly a 10p size (have photo), all the panels are straight, and the sills are straight too, the underneath is really tidy too. Blown over in pearl white, with a satin black roof. Ideally, the bodywork could do with a machine polish, the guy that had it before me flatted it, but didn't get the chance to finish the polish, it'll really set the pearl off when done

ALL of the electrics work, the spoiler, sunroof (mk3 glass with slider, so you can appreciate the sun without opening it if need be
) all windows all work perfectly/

Mileage is around 107k, chains were done at time of conversion apparently, but no paperwork to back this up, they're silent though and no tensioner rattles etc. I've changed the clocks in the car as the original ones (from the VR6 donor car) didn't have any lights or wiring for it, so these now illuminate properly, but in terms of MOT etc, the original clocks are still available (i was going to DDI them)

List of some important bits
ABV Corrado VR6 2.9 engine full conversion, apart from still running 4x100 running gear (better wheel choice!
Stainless Scorpion Exhaust (Decat available), makes a lovely noise and isn't too loud.
5 spoke compomotive wheels, 16 x 7 with 205/45/16 tyres on them, other wheels available

90mm splitter

in my ownership it's had:
Pioneer headunit with USB and front auxillary input
Stealth Shelf with Vibe Slick 6x9s
New rear doorcards (originals have speaker holes in them, can supply these though)
Decat, bought but not fitted (yet)

BIG service:
New Coilpack
New Leads
New NGK plugs
Oil change + filter
AIr Filter

i replaced the ignition system as it was misfiring and running like poo, now it sounds, and more importantly, GOES, like a VR6 should, on full chat this thing sounds nuts, especially with the drilled airbox (better than any induction kit imo). work was done at VRT in Slough, and they're spot on. There isn't much more service history, but with this service and some bits lined up at the weekend (wheel bearings), this car is running very nicely indeed now and won't give anyone hassle

I dont think i've missed anything else, here are the all important pictures:

DSC_5583 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5585 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5586 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5587 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5588 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5589 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5590 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5591 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

DSC_5592 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

20130528_135703 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

PhotoGrid_1369751977390 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

Service bits:

service by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

did build a false floor, can supply the seat delete if wanted, rear is still in

PhotoGrid_1368029681343 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

can even achieve this MPG on a run

20130522_161904 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

The rust:

DSC_5584 by Chris Roots Photos, on Flickr

in terms of a price, with the work that's been done and some lined up, and that it's a straight, fully functioning corrado VR6 i'd be happy with offers around £2600, you'll also get:

decat pipe
17" Wolfrace Asia Tec wheels
original doorcards
matching front doorcards
CV joint spare
spare MAF

Ideally though i'm after a swap, im literally open to anything, but needs to be newer than this, no more mk2s etc, would be happy with any VAG car, or try me with non-vag
all i can do is say no

can drive to meet halfway for swaps etc

I work wierd and wonderful nightshift hours, so text me on 07825 909681 and i'll get back to you ASAP, or email me - [email protected]

Car is located in Camberley, Surrey, GU15 1AS

Cheers for reading


forgot to mention, tax until next month (i'll renew) and MOT until January 2014

swaps for:
E46 3 series (any shape / engine)
Leon (poss old cupra)
Ibiza Cupra
b5 A4 (any shape engine)
Octavia VRS
mk4 golf (3dr)

as you can tell im mainly after a saloon i think, preferably fettled with
although try me with anything
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