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I've just installed a Pioneer F9310BT in my 2007 R, but I cannot get any sound out of the rear speakers :(/>

It was previously installed in a 2008 Golf (not sure on the model) and I believe was working fine then. I have tried adjusting the fade and balance settings but am getting nothing at all from the back speakers. The fronts sound fine.

I do still have a parrot phone kit connected which I need to strip out and I can see a green wire coming from that into the original quad lock connector, so I am wondering if that is causing the problem? Also on the Pioneer part of the loom, two purple cables have been cut through in the past, but I am not sure what they do. Do the rear speakers have a separate amp somewhere?

The original unit was an RCD500 if that helps. (Pretty sure the rears were working ok with that)

Any thoughts appreciated!

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