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Piper Alpha BBC2 9pm

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There is a good show on TV now about the Piper Alpha disaster 25 years.

Having worked off shore it is a good insight to what went on and how it all happened.
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Silver said:
Poor buggers. If anything good came out of it, at least they made all those changes afterwards and nothing like it has happened since.
Nothing on the lines of that many people getting killed but there are still major disasters happening! One of our rigs Deepwater Horizon that killed and pumped out barrels of oil!

I work offshore and believe me, there are still shortcuts taken all the time! You want that $500000 a day your gonna try and make sure you keep it coming in! Lying or bending the truth is a must!
I agree, the Piper Alfa did change some things but not everything. Something that happens regularly on board these drill ships..... Normalization of Deviation. Where as the first time you do something that is not correct then becomes the normal practice, then this continues to happen until a disaster.
The disaster in the Gulf was more of a time bomb waiting to go off, people not doing their job correctly and yes a lot of the time taking short cuts. BP got slammed for this incident but other parties were in the wrong!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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