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Pipercross viper induction kit.

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Was wondering if any one can help me. I bought a pipercross viper induction kit a few weeks back. I fitted it as the instructions said an i though all was well. WRONG! ! ! I took it
for a test drive an 1st time round it would get to about 3,00 rpm then then it would feel like there was something holding the car back, so i stopped an check an could find nothin wrong. Went for a another drive and the problem seemed to go. Next day starteded ok but then same problem, however this time 1st and 2nd gear were ok but then in 3rd gear at about 5,000 rpm same thing happened again. If i lift my foot, an then go again it seems to help a bit but then happens again. At 1 point i was doing 70mph in 5th foot down and it was actually slowing me down. At 1 point the exhaust emission warning light flashed. Have now changed back to standard and the car is fine. Now am i missing somthing really simple. does the car need a remap? ? ? Any help would be wkd
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is there anything stuck inside the filter or the pipework? sounds like its being starved of air and no you dont need a remap. is your r32 a mk4 or mk5?
You did reconnect the MAF didnt you?
Im still of the opinion that nothing but the finest air filter should go on a quality motor vehicle like the R32, and that does not include any of the off the shelf halfords pap like pipercross and K&N etc. Despicable!

Hope you sort the problem out tho.
Mk 4. Well i am am relising my mistake lol (buying pipercross), guna try sell it on ebay. Any recommendations ? ? ? New to the vw scene so need all the help i can get lol.
Get yourself a Carbonio cold air intake available from Awesome GTI
pipercross arent all bad, i run the panel filter until i sort out which cai i want and not had any hassle at all with it - but its only a panel filter

carbonio is a very popular option and performs well with the car, i would personally avoid systems like the K&N typhoon etc that house the filters in the engine bay and go for something that sits in the airflow
please dont flame me - I am also considering a Carbonio CAI for my R..... BUT I have reservations about the location of the filter in terms of our dreadful climate in the UK and hydrolock from puddles/motorway spray etc - which sends shudders down my spine! Obviously I agree about the location in terms of cool air flow versus hot engine bay air flow............

Have a read of this should put your mind at rest :151:
thanks chap! - guessing/hoping no members with Carbonios on here have experienced water ingress of any kind within the UK ? (don't mean to hi-jack)
hOt TuNa said:
thanks chap! - guessing/hoping no members with Carbonios on here have experienced water ingress of any kind within the UK ? (don't mean to hi-jack)
I haven't had any issues and it always rains in Manchester :151:
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