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Poorly R32 after service.

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As my R32 is up for sale I wanted to get a service done before it was sold.

So had it done by Awesome GTI today, and although it had a major service last year, it threw up the following:

NSF Tie Rod has play.
OSF Tie Rod has play.
Exhaust hitting heatsheild.
Undertray missing.

So, obviously the undertray, is this a standard MK4 tray I can get second hand on ebay etc?

The tie rod ends, I'm not fully sure what these are, would I be correct in assuming the below is correct, and they can be used for either OS and NS, so if i wanted to replace both, I should buy two?


I'm looking to get these bought myself and fitted by my mechanic afterwards.

Can anyone confirm if this is correct for the Tie Rods?

The exhaust hitting the heatsheild, what can be causing this?
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It can be a number of things so you need to connect it up to vagcom to see what error is coming up.

Could be;

Coilpacks (but car would be misfiring)
Coolant temperature Sensor
Lamda Probe

Check your brake lights as IIRC, if the brake pedal switch goes, it can also flag up the EPC light for some strange reason.
tis not like you to make a spelling mistake and be totally off with advice....
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