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Just wondered how the used car roadshow photo shoot went the other day???, ant heard owt from you since thursday? hope they didn't kidnap you.

Anyone heard from him???????:love: ha
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Yeh went really well, the track was a little smaller than I thought it was like a classics track, but still have a laugh driving around it. I end up driving mine and a ford focus around as one of the other drivers didn't turn up. They filmed the car for about an hour, so got loads of shots inside and out.

I wash the car at lunch even though it was pissing it down big time, by the time I got there is was filthy again as the weather was that crap. I had one bucket with mucky water to clean it when I got there ( right laugh ) good job I had a spare cloth and spray in the boot :)

Anyway my car has looked better, saying that the camera guy was very happy with the look and colour of the car in the sunset light. He said it would look mint on the tv so fingers crossed I have done all r32's justice.

They said its up against 18 other cars for the title of best used car. It will be on air in around 6/7 weeks they said.

Thanks again for passing on the opportunity.

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sounds brilliant! make sure you keep us posted on dates!
Glad to hear that it went well, cant wait to see your's on tv, let us no if you get a deffo date on when it's on. :)
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