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This is Dazm's motor with his new wheels....Very Nice Mate...:)

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What tyres are they? And what is that boot shot all about??
Savoy wheels aren't they? Good choice ;-)
Like the colour, havent seen many pics of silver MK5's, like the wheels too...must also comment on the number plate...also very nice! :)
I have to say that i am not keen at all :( i think they've ruined the look of the car, a bit 'max power' no matter how much they cost :eek: Sorry.

Totally in my own opinion of course but some enourmous brakes behind them and the car sat lower on coilovers could make them look better.
Don't like any of it to be honest.
I haven't seen a Morrisons bag for ages!

"More reasons, More reasons, More reasons.....
....More reasons to shop at Mor-risons"
I think they look quite tasty! Good to see something different.
Hi Dazm & Hi Paulie, I see that the 'Count' (Paulie) has been busy a a a a!!!:xD Yep, I agree with Matt 'tasty but different' nice.:wink::xD
All comments gd and bad appreciated-does look better sat flat on the road & not up on the kerb :) the boot shot was meant to be a photo from the Volksdevil meet......oops!!

Tried at least 15 rims actually on the car, and covered about 200 miles-inc BBS RS/LM, RS4's, Diablo style, AMG flat rim style etc etc just thought the Savoys suited the car the best, but everyones different :)

Any ideas now much my standard wheels & tyres(gd) are worth?
Got any pics with the BBS LM's fitted?

Keen to see these on a MKV - I'm not keen on the recent LM time attack edition though.
Havn't mate they were on then off that quick!! they do look awesome , but BBS wheels have been on golfs for over 20 years now....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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