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After much research I decided to book the car into awesome to have the front and rear dogbone bushes for some poly powerflex.
My car, mk4 r32, revo stage 1, eibach coilovers, blueflame cat back.
I found notably after a few months after the re-map, when accelerating hard, the front end seemed to have a lot of, we'll, front end lift, accompanying this was, the car would want to pull to the right hand side, once off the throttle the front would then drop/surge....for a better word, all the time finding gears, especially 2 was a bloody nightmare.
All in all not what I wanted.
Now, bushes fitted.....the car feels so much better, a lot less lift, no pulling to the sides.......and a lot less drop. Also the exhaust note seems to have changed a little, remaining deep through the whole rev range.
Now the dreaded cabin shake/rumble/vibrations and noise drivers have complained about, after fitting these bushes.
Only on start up, can you feel extra cabin vibrations, however only very little......which surprised me.
On the road, you can feel more road buzz, which I don't feel is a negative, it's not a great deal, I would imagine over inflating your tyres would proberbly result in the same amount.......like I said, I do like to feel the road when I'm driving, so not a bad thing for me.
All in all, cheap to buy, I'm told easy to fit, however awesome did mine. A good little mod, which I would say improves the drive quite noticeably.
Cheers to the staff at awesome, top job.
Good good, Steve.

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[sub]The poly bushes will 'soften' after a couple of hundered miles and that will help your cabin creek but not eliminate it. [/sub]

[sub]As Zig says, ill be looking at the upgrade to shortly. Thanks for the feedback[/sub]
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