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Previous cars?

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Thought i'd expand on the 2nd car/bike theme a little. Here's a couple of mine.

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this is my old baby. Got sold bout 3 weeks ago and is babdly missed, altough I dont miss the 2l and 115 horses ;)


thats the only car I had befrore the R, had her six years and struggles to part with her...till I took an R for a test drive :015:
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no pics i can lay my hands on, but my previous reads:

86' white renault 5
91' black suzuki samauri (10" phat boy kit with chrome and neons - god help me!) :011:
93' red nissan sunny gti
93' red nissan sunny gti-r
97' silver vauxhall astra (company car) :(
96' black vw golf gti
02' black vw new beetle v5 sport

plus a few others beaters in between :D aah my yoof :p

72' yellow vw karmann ghia
03' silver vw golf r32
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cant find any pics at the moment but 2004 had a vw polo coupe 1.0, 2005 citreon saxo vtr 1.6 and now 2007 blue R32;)
Escort 1.6 Ghia (with Weber carbs, Janspeed exhaust - unfortunately totalled along with the Citroen XM coming the other way....), Renault 5TL (interim while waiting for insurance cheque....), XR3, BMW 323i, XR2 (again with Janspeed - apparently everyone knew I was about to appear well before they saw me :), Golf MkIII 1.4 (company car with a rubbery gearbox and the back end that used to step out in the wet!), Rover 420SLi, Fiat Marea 2.0HLX, MkIV V6 4Mo, Seat Leon TDi Cupra and then I saw the light and got the R Whey Hey!!!
ok here goes
my first 1972 bug bought as a rot box then turn into this the orange one and i still have it but its in bits

then to

mk1 golf gti 1.8 16v on twin 40 carbs but i have no pics
then to a gti mk4

then mini cooper s works great car

then i got this gts type m

and then these 2 (05 ctr still got this) seat leon cupra r(270bhp) what a great car had it almost 2 years was sad to see it go but it was for the R32

and my other baby 1956 bug (2332cc) almost done

thats it so far;)
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A couple of many. The classic mini was awesome though. Will get another one day for a toy!
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Oh god!!! My cars are really bad compared to all of your previous'.
My first car was a brown Y reg automaic mini 1L, then I had a white D reg Suzuki Alto 795CC, then it was a blue K reg Escort manual 1.3L. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Then I finally got a bit of respect with a X reg Fiesta Zetec S in blue. Then the boyfriend got me the R32.

Took a while to get there but got the best in the end ;)
here,s a few of mine, just what i,ve had in the last 5 years and then b4 that there was 205 gti,s astra gte and so on i,m 27 and had 17 cars so far lol don,t know how to put pics up so here,s a link
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