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Just thought it might be interesting to find out who owned what car, im 26 and have owned more cars than some dealers ha, i've had no end of trouble with the wife's mum and dad saying all we do is waste money on cars but ne mind do you think they've got need to worry about my car crazed brain:

from passing my test to present day:

D reg 1.3 nissan sunny
F reg vauxhall nova sr 1.3 (wrote it off an i was gutted)
F reg 1.2 seat ibiza (lasted 1 week)
G reg vauxhall cavaler 1.8
H reg 1.4 vauxhall astra
L reg peugeot 1.4 306
W reg fiat punto 1.2
T reg volkswagon 1.4 golf (I loved it)
02 reg astra coupe 1.8
T reg honda accord 2.2 type R
X reg seat leon cupra (spent a fortune on it got to 230bhp)
W reg bmw 323 2.3
52 reg astra coupe 2.0 turbo
03 reg seat leon cupra R ( spent loads on again 280 odd bhp)
03 reg astra convertible 2.0 turbo
X reg audi s3 (spent loads on again 280 odd bhp same engine as cupra R)
S reg subaru impreza sti type r (absolute beast 370 bhp through rear wheels)
06 reg astra vxr 2.0 turbo
04 reg alfa romeo 147 gta 3.2
04 reg audi a4 130tdi sport
52 reg audi tt 225 (spent loads on again 280bhp all done at jbs autodesigns they must love me)
53 reg mitsubishi lancer fq300 (cost me a fortune got it to 374.1bhp at flywheel)
X reg porsche boxster 3.2S (alot of fun but not practical)
53 reg volkswagon golf r32 (I LOVE THIS CAR)

24 CAR'S THEY HAVE NO NEED TO WORRY................................DO THEY????

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Blimey shane, quite the collection there.

Ive only had:

Vauxhall Nova GTE
Ford Fiesta ZR2i
Renault 5 GT Turbo
2003 Mk IV R32 spent the most on this one.

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My GOD!!!!
I've only had a Mk3 1.4 Golf
a Mk3 2.0 16 GTI and the R32!!!!

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not as lengthy as shanes list:

citreon ax tz
vauxhall cavalier 1.3l saloon
astra estate 1.3 merit
peugeot 205 1.6 gti
peugeot 205 1.9 gti
peugeot 306 xsi
peugeot 306 s16
suzuki vitara droptop 1.6 in red
suzuki vitara droptop 1.6 in gray
volvo v40 2lt turbo
landrover discovery s
landrover discovery td5
range rover hse 4.8
audi a3 sportback sport
new shaped beetle 1.6
polo 1.4 16v
polo 1.6
porsche 356 replica
1973 beetle 1303s
1974 beetle
1962 beetle deluxe
1969 bay window camper
1972 bay window panelvan
t25 transporter panelvan
golf mk1 gti droptop
golf mk4 gti 1.8t
golf mk4 r32

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Jeez, i'm an old tw*t and haven't had anything like the number of car that some of you have.

Mini 850 'G'reg.
Loads of bikes.
Austin Allegro. Don't laugh it was OK. Sh1t brown colour too.
More bikes.
Metro 1.0.
MG Metro. Red.
MG Metro. Black.
Fiesta XR2 'F' reg.
Escort RS Turbo. 'F' reg.
3 Door, whale tail Cosworth Sierra.
Fiesta XR2. (due to the CSA ripping into me for £495 a month)
Micra. (going through a sensible grown up stage here I think)
Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor in bright yellow. (definately not sensible.)
07 Golf R32 in black.

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I'm 20, on my forth car! Some of you guys have had some very impressive cars i must say.

My list:

(N Reg) Vauxhall Corsa 1.5td
(R Reg) Fiat Punto GT Turbo (tuned 170bhp)
(X Reg) Seat Ibiza Cupra (tuned 212bhp, was an absolute Rocket)

And now my beloved R32!!! :adore:

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I've only had a few,

Triumph Herald with a tuned 1500 twin carb engine from a Spitfire approx 105 bhp
Mk 1 Golf GTI with a tuned 1900 8v 132 at the wheels,
Golf Rallye tuned running a Rotrex Supercharger,
Mk 3 VR6 Synchro tuned approx 220 bhp,
and now R32 tuned approx 265 - 270 bhp.

Is it me or can i see a pattern here!!!!

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A reg metro 1.1
J reg clio 1.4
03 plate mg zr 1.4 got it to 125 bhp.
53 plate R32 love it! :151: :151: :151:

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Here's mine -

1981 MK1 Golf GLS - first car and loved it!
Renault 5 1.1 - named Stimpy and was a trooper! Engine just kept going just a shame the body work didn't.
Renault 5 1.2 - named Ren and not quite as much fun as Stimpy
1983 MK1 Golf GTI - spent a fortune on this and regret selling it a little
2003 R32 - current car and absolutely awesome!

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Ok, here goes with a reasonably short list....

Mk3 Escort 1.6 Ghia (written off...)
Renault 5 1.5TL
Mk3 Escort XR3 (rebuilt engine with 98k on the clock and huge rust whole in the boot)
E30 BMW 323i
Fiesta XR2
Mk3 Golf 1.4 Driver (company car, sh!tty handling in the wet and gearbox like a bag of spanners)
Rover 420SLi (slightly blowing head gasket - normal for that engine!)
Fiat Marea 2.0ELX (nice 5 pot motor, surprised a few hot hatches)
MkIV Golf V6 4Mo
Seat Leon TDi Cupra
MkV R32 :adore:

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First car was a 1964 beetle (after a year modded to handle 2276 engine) beast!
Golf mk3 TDi
Fiat punto (exploded after a month)
Lupo 1.4 (loved it)
Lupo GTI (LOVED IT!!) wish I still had it
Civic type r
And now.. MK5 R32 and I still have the beetle although its off the road.

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nova 1.2 spin (the wifes car)
ford ka
1972 vw beetle (cost me ££££ in the full resto)
53 Honda civic type r
1956 vw beetle(still got this one)2332cc it will be done when its done
Honda hrv (lasted 2 weeks) bag of crap
v reg mk4 golf gti (just lowered and A8 alloys)
r33 nissan skyline type m (290 bhp) very tail happy
Mini cooper s (john cooper works 210 bhp) great car loads of fun just no room
mk1 Vw golf gti (1.8 16v twin carbed 160bhp)
Seat leon cupra r (280bhp apr stage 2) loved that car
05 Honda civic type r
now got
Audi a3 sportback 2.0t dsg
Mk4 golf r32( love it but what next):party:

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My turn

C plate Metro Vanden Plas (it was free)
A plate VW Scirroco GTi
B plate VW Scirroco GTx
D plate VW Mk2 Golf GTi 16v
E plate VW Mk2 Golf GTi 16v (sold to buy an engaement ring DOH!)
K plate Astra SRi (it was the future mrs dubzter's car and as I had sold mine what can you do)
P plate VW Mk3 Golf GTi 16v
03 plate VW Mk4 Golf R32

I don't know where to go from here but I'm happy at the moment so not looking to move on.

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Blimey Shane - thats one long list - good effort!


D Reg MK2 Golf 1.3
D reg Mk2 Golf Diesel Van
P reg Mitsubishi FTO GPX 2.0 V6 - major mods on this
03 reg Mk4 Golf R32

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Seem's like people like to stick to the VAG range, I've had 8 vag car's an im thinkin when my next is born in about 7 months i'll be looking for another vag poss a s4 estate.

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R fiat cinqucento sporting 1.1
03 seat ibiza mk4 1.2
54 seat ibiza fr 20vt tunned to 241bhp. this was seriously quick and do miss it
now the R32 53 plate
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