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Private Number Plate Help - Transfers

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Hi all, i needed a bit of advise regarding private plates.

I recently bought my R32 with a private plate, Previous owner wanted to keep his plate which is absolutely fine. I filled out the new keeper slip and everything log book went off to DVLA, Initially the previous owner filled in the V5 incorrectly and the logbook was sent back to us in the previous owners name still. Fast forward we resent off the logbook as normal and it has now come back in my name with the previous owners private registration.

Now as i have been waiting for so long i ideally wanted to go into my local DVLA office and just have my own private number plate put on without having to wait weeks on end.

The problem is i need to return the previous owners plate (I still have his cheque made payable to the DVLA to put the plate on retention)

What would be the quickest way for me to have my own private plate put on the car and still retain the previous owners private plate. That way atleast my number plate goes on and then i can deal with the previous owner and make him the guarantor for the previous private registration.

Any help is much appreciated.
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Thanks for the advise fella, As always very helpful.

My own personal registration is brand new and has never been put on a vehicle before and i have the certificate at home for that one. I also now have the logbook (V5) in my name. Would the DVLA be able to do this same day?

Also when i fill in the V317 do i put the previous owner as the guarantor?
Thanks again, Im going to try and call my local office and record the phone call LOL. I will confirm whether or not i can have this done the same day. If not its off to swansea! I just want my number plate on
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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