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Myself and the girlfiend have been with privilege for about 4 years, we have had a fiesta ST, Civic type R and now the R32.

Lisa does not like DSG she hates it and i love it. She is not using the car during the day now and its just sat arround all day till i get home. I was in a rubbish situation as i have no no claims and am 32 with 8 years driving experiance. lIsa has 12 years no claims bonus.

I tried the insurance companys on here and no one will insure me as i have not got 1 years driving of the R32 and even OL1 post code.

I went on go compare and best i got was £2,300 with a box on it. I was just shocked at the prices as im 32 years old.

I rang the insurance and asked if i could use it for work, they said yes if i upgrade for free to buisness use and i could use it daily with lisa as the main driver and me as the named driver. Best yet if i want to swap it over to me as main driver and lisa as my named driver i get it for £19 a month extra and my 4 years as a named driver bonus get converted into no claims bonus with them. Its £1,100 a year fully comp with roadside assisance, windscreen cover and legal cover.

I think this is amazing for me and my situation realy happy. Did i get a good deal ? i think so or i hope so :)
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