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Probs with brake lights.

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Anyone had any problems with brake lights sticking on the mark IV, when parking tonight they stuck on after I'd turned off the ignition, so I turned it back on and braked on and off, then switched off again and they STILL stayed on, then after about 10 secs they turned off! Haven't been out in it again but not sure I want to if this becomes persistent! Any suggestions?!:confused:
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almost certainly the brake light switch has failed, it's located just above the brake pedal. It's a small box unit with a plunger type switch. Get down into the footwell, and see if u can push the plunger in and out a few times, it might just be stuck. U can try given it a really (I MEAN REALLY LIGHT) light smearing of grease to help prevent it from sticking.

If you find the above cures it, then cool,
might aswell buy a new brake light switch as they are only £8 or so from VW, and u can easily fit it within 5mins yourself.
They can fail so easily on mk4's, and having no brake lights can be potentially fatal!
Thanks mate I'll have a look in the morning! If not i'll be posting up an update!
there was a brake light switch recall. yours is exhibiting the typical symptom.

dealership replaced mine free, in the moment.
Get it sorted, because I had the same problem in my S3 where the brake lights would come on themselves and overnight it would kill the battery, which was an inconvenience to say the least. It's the brake light switch that's at fault, cheap and easy to fix (for once).
text of recall notice

Subject: Saftety Recall N4
Replace Brake Light Switch
What is the problem?
The affected vechicles have a brake light switch that may malfunction.
If this happens, the brake lights could become inoperative or come on and stay on, even though the vehicle is parked. Failure to provide the proper signal when braking could lead to a crash without warning.
What will VW do?
In order to correct this defect, VW will replace the brake light switch in your vehicle at no cost.
The dealership recall was only for the States as far as I know. I guess VW don't expect the rest of the world to ever hit the brake pedal or something?

Anyway S19 MYD, get your brake switch changed. I did mine back in August last year when I discovered I'd been driving with no brakes lights at all. The part has been redesigned, and will be a different colour plastic to the one you have (purple I think? My memories gone faded already). Its not an expensive part, £7.93 inc. VAT. Part number is 1J0945511E - oh and fit it yourself, its quite easy, won't take you more than 15 minutes.
Yep mine went few months ago, got a new one (green unit), took no more than 5 minutes. :)
Cheers fellas, as ever extremely helpful!
The same thing happend to me last year but hasn't happend since. (touch wood)
I've had the same problem. Last year the brake switch failed on me. Swapped out....jobs a good'n......mmmm....12 months later....Yesterday got home and the brake lights were stuck on. Remebering what had happened i ordered a couple of switches off ebay....1 spare seen as this is a common problem....refit the new switch tonight and it's not worked. Lights still stick on...thinking i had a dodgy switch i swapped it for the spare, still lights stuck on. Finally put the old switch back in......NO LIGHTS!!!......any suggestions?
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