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Well just got home from a 10 day trip to worthersee and yet again I get pulled over by customs because I drive a nice car.
Fair enough they are checking as there was me and a mate in the car coming back into the country and we do sometimes look a bit shifty lol

But the guy who pulled me over asked where I'd been and what for, and soon as I said where I had been he said its cool as he was in the scene!

He drives a 25 th anniversary golf, so we ended up talking about cars instead of him searching my car. He will be at Inters this year so I told him to keep an eye out for me on the 1/4 mile lol.

Also he asked if I was a member of the R32OC lol

Made my day boarding the 30minute late train so much better
Thats my Mate Dan. He is pretty chilled.
He has a Tornado Red Anniversary, The thing is tidy. I see him once every couple a weeks ill tell him ya posted haha

Was lucky was him to be fair some of the fella there can be really crappy.
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