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Quids In !!!

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I've just signed up to this last Night !!!
You can earn money back for purchases a friend of mine uses this and he can make quite a nice amount over the months !!!
You sign up and basically if YOU often buy things through the internet you earn cashback !!! which can't be bad ..
If u go through all the companys that this site is affiliated to you soon realize u could start earning today..
There's things like E-bay, M&M sports, Pay as u go top ups, insurance, banking TESCO's if u do your shopping on line Plus Halford's + Motorparts !! some good stuff ... plus lots of others
Well anyway thought it might be some use to some of u !!
If u do sign up and u have a go let me know how u get on !!!
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There's a couple of others like this too



I've used them a couple of times, can be quite good, especially with insurance cash back of £70-£100 :D
I've used this for a couple of years now, it comes in especially handy at xmas time! Usually get cahsback on things like ebay and play.com transactions but the real cash is to be had when you sign up for mobile phones, change utilities supplier etc. The money does take a while to get paid into your account though.

Another good one for voucher codes etc is hotukdeals

it comes in handy for getting free delivery from asda etc or money off codes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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